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A Cautious Blessing in Disguise: Skinny Health Plans & A Transparent Free Market

BY Adi Y. Segal & Nathan Carroll Due to recent developments we took a deep dive into a type of health insurance plan called minimal essential coverage (aka catastrophic coverage), also colorfully referred to as “Skinny Plans.” Recently, they’ve been given new life as a cheaper alternative to more comprehensive plans. Before going down this potentially dangerous road, we’d be remiss not state […]

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SeeThru Spotlight: Alex Cahana, MD, PhD (Patient 001)

Our first SeeThru spotlight features Dr. Alex Cahana, a healthcare and blockchain advisor to SeeThru and, also, one of its earliest adopters. Alex Cahana’s background, training, and qualifications include a master’s degree in ethics and medical humanities, a medical degree from Tel Aviv University, completed fellowships in pain medicine and anesthesiology, 25+ years in academia […]

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Drowning in Medical Debt: Transparent Pricing + Blockchain Can Save American Healthcare

This post was originally published on https://www.healthfurther.com/the-future-of-health/2018/07/25/drowning-in-medical-debt-transparent-pricing-blockchain-can-save-american-healthcare/. If you like it, please go to the original post and leave a comment to ensure that SeeThru can appear at Health:Further this August. Thanks! The U.S. health system is opaque and unaffordable. Americans are plagued by high costs and surprise bills. Over the last 20 years the price of […]

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