6 Reasons Telemedicine Might be Right for You!

The technology has finally caught up the the hype – but is it right for you? Keep reading to find out!

1.You Want to Save Money

Some estimates say that up to $6 Billion dollars can be saved with telemedicine. This translates to less expensive healthcare for you!

2. You Can’t (Or Don’t Want to) Travel

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For busy people, in this age of technology, does it make sense to jump in your car, wait an hour or more for your appointment… all while feeling sick and miserable? What if you’re disabled and mobility is a problem? 1 in 4 adults live with a disability and mobility issues are the most common. If this is the case, then telemedicine might be the solution!

3. Your Time is Valuable

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Sitting in the doctor’s office all day might be fun for some people, but if you’re like me, you want to make that time as short as possible. The average wait is almost 20 minutes before you even see a nurse! Those instant telemedicine appointments are sure starting to look a lot better…

4. As a Bridge to a Future Clinician Relationship

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Not all personalities match. This is especially true if you’re looking for a counselor or psychiatrist. See if the relationship with your clinician works first by using a telemedicine option.

5. For a Quick Second Opinion


Need a second opinion? Instead of hunting around for just the right specialist and waiting 29 days or longer try telemedicine for quick access to highly trained clinicians.

6. You Need Easier Access

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Not everyone lives in New York or Los Angeles. In the more rural parts of America it can take hours to travel to a specialist. However, 76.2% of Americans have internet access. That’s 247 Million people! For people who have internet access and have to drive a few hours to see a specialist, telemedicine just makes sense!